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  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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  Project 1 :

1995 to 1996 :

Insider Technologies LogoInsider Technologies Limited (ITL)

Area :

Reflex 80:20 Development
Screen Design, Coding and Testing

Position :

Senior Programmer


  Reflex 80:20 DashBoard and Task Allocation :

Reflex 80:20 NSK Performance DashBoard

My first tasks as part of working for Insider Technologies limited, involved the production of a number of SCOBOL green screens to periodically access CPU, process and disk metrics for the NSK platform. These screens were developed for the Reflex 80:20 product. The Windows development team also produced a number of GUI screens to graphically present the information in a number of customisable bar chart displays. I also maintained the PATHWAY servers responsible for extracting the NSK metrics by way of GUARDIAN O/S procedure calls.

My first task on joining ITL was to develop two SCOBOL green screens to interact with an existing PATHWAY server, to allocate Reflex tasks to specified GUARDIAN users. A GUI equivalent was developed to provide the same functionality.


Reflex Dashboard


  Reflex Dashboard :

The above screenshot shows the dashboard metrics collected by Reflex 80:20 and sent to the Reflex GUI on polled request. I aided the GUI programmers in understanding the APIs sent from the hp NonStop platform. In the mid-nineties at ITL, all NSK developments tended to drive the GUI teams with the result that NSK personnel assumed the team leadership/product management roles. As an NSK technician, I benefited from this in terms of improving my management skills. With the introduction of the Windows SENTRA product (remote platform monitoring) in 2000, the balance became more even.


Reflex Task Owners


  Reflex Tasks :

The above screenshot shows how Reflex 80:20 tasks are allocated to GUARDIAN users. Again, I aided the GUI programmers in understanding the relationship fields in the Tasks API for the production of these screens.

Reflex Overview.


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