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  Monday, January 22, 2018
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  Project 2 :

1996 to 1997 :

Insider Technologies LogoInsider Technologies Limited (ITL)

Area :

Reflex 80:20 Development
Team Leading, Design, Coding and Testing

Position :

Team Leader


  Reflex 80:20 Console :

Reflex 80:20 EMS Event Console Development

Developed an NSK based TAL PATHWAY server to programmatically start an EMS distributor and extract events based on supplied filtering criteria. Up to 16 distributors can be started for concurrently accessible user views. The event viewer includes APIs for user requests to acknowledge, get cause and recovery texts, provide token breakdowns of events, copy events to the Reflex database and setup new specialised views.


Reflex Console View


  Reflex Console - EMS Viewer :

On returning from a 2-week TAL course in High Wycombe, UK, I was asked to develop an EMS Event Viewer server to run in PATHWAY and take requests from a GUI screens running in the Reflex 80:20 product. The above screenshot shows a request for an EMS token breakdown for a selected EMS event.


Reflex Console View


  EMS Console View - Configuration :

This second screenshot shows the setting up of another Event View with timestamp, collector, filter and event type fields available for configuration. This module is also sold as a separate product by ITL called View + Point.

Reflex Overview.


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