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  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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  Project 3 :

1996 to 1997 :

Insider Technologies LogoInsider Technologies Limited (ITL)

Area :

Reflex 80:20 Development
Team Leading, Design, Coding and Testing

Position :

Team Leader


  HP NonStop Service Monitoring :

Reflex 80:20 Service Monitor Module

Developed a number of PATHWAY servers to provide SLA rules based analysis of NSK entities across a number of hp NonStop platforms connected by EXPAND. I was also the team leader for this project, assisting the Windows development team with all relevant API message and technical information to aid in the production of the GUI screens.


Service Monitor Rules Set-Up


  Service Monitor Set-Up :

The screenshot above shows the rule set-up screens of Reflex 80:20. Here, users can select the components they wish to build combined component rules for, elect a time window (calendar period) for monitoring and also select whether or not an EMS event is raised as a result of a rule being broken.


Service Monitor Live Screen


  Service Monitor Live :

The second screenshot above shows the live Service Monitor display. If a rule is broken or partially broken, the appropriate service graphic will flash based on the severity of the problem. Users can access further detail on rules broken.

Reflex Overview.


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