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  Saturday, February 17, 2018
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  Project 6 :

June 1998 to
May 2000 :

Operations Products ManagerInsider Technologies Limited (ITL)

Area :

Reflex 80:20 Development
Product & Project Management, Technical Consultant, Training, Installation, Design, Coding and Testing

Position :

Manager – Operations Products


  Reflex 80:20 Product Management :

Integration with TIVOLI™, COMMAND/POST and NSK File Monitoring

I have project managed all Enterprise Manager integrations with the NSK based Reflex 80:20 product. One of my earlier projects involved the R&D for a development to monitor both NSK file arrivals and comprehensive file monitoring. This software covers both ENSCRIBE and SQL file metrics, e.g. percentage full, growth, corruption, security and so on. Four screenshots provided below.


Reflex Tivoli Set-Up Screen


  BAROC Files :

This is an example of one of the Reflex 80:20 Tivoli™ configuration screens. It cuts down on the amount of Tivoli™ administration by automatically building a BAROC file of all NSK EMS events that can be relayed to the Tivoli™ TEC. The BAROC file can then be imported directly into the TEC buy a Tivoli™ administrator rather than having to configure each event separately.


Tivoli Certified


  Certification Process :

A large number of documents and test matrices had to be submitted to Team Tivoli™ before Reflex 80:20 could be certified as 'Ready for Tivoli™'. I managed this whole process with the result being a reference on the IBM Tivoli™ Website for the Reflex 80:20 product.




  COMMAND/POST Integration :

I have managed all of the Enterprise Manager integrations to the Reflex 80:20 product including hp OpenView Operations™ and BMC Patrol™ (formerly COMMAND/POST in part). The screenshot above shows the configuration of an EMS event to result in an alert to the COMMAND/POST console.


File Monitoring Configuration


  File Monitoring :

I designed a file monitoring suite of software to be included in the Reflex 80:20 product. I managed the subsequent project team consisting of both Windows and NSK programmers. The screenshot above shows one of the configuration screens for nominating which files/subvolumes are to be monitored on the appropriate NSK node. File arrival monitoring was also included in the release.


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