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  Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Mark Whitfield

  Agile - SCRUM Course Summary :

Agile - SCRUM Course :

In House - May, 2011

Scrum for Practitioners – 2 days

Scrum is an established Agile process that can be used to manage and control complex software and product development using iterative, incremental practices. It has become increasingly well-used as a lightweight Management wrapper for other Agile methods, and is often used alongside eXtreme Programming.

Through discussion, practical exercises and Case Studies, this course explains the rationale for Scrum, what it is and how it works – and the benefits that it can deliver.


This course will benefit anyone who is to be involved in a Scrum Project, in any of the Scrum Roles: ScrumMaster, Product Owner or Team Member.

The course applies to Customer/Users, Project Managers, Analysis, Architects, Developers, Testers, Assurance and Support.

The course is also suitable for those involved in transitioning to Scrum within their own organisation.


• Agile Principles and the Agile Manifesto
• The Case for Scrum
• The Scrum Process
• Scrum Roles
 o Product Owner
 o Scrum Project Team
 o ScrumMaster
• Scrum Ceremonies
 o Sprint Planning
 o Sprint Review
 o Daily Scrum Meetings
• Scrum Artefacts
 o Product Backlog
 o Sprint Backlog
 o Burndown Chart
• Scaling Scrum
• Scrum and Distributed Development
• Transitioning to Scrum

Additional Details

Duration 2 days

Setup Laptop projection; flip charts; space for groups of three or four to work together in comfort..



  Agile - SCRUM Certificate :

Agile Scrum Certificate


  Agile - Scrum RADTAC : Content

Agile Scrum Radtac


  Agile - Scrum RADTAC

Agile Scrum RADTAC


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