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  Sunday, February 18, 2018
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  Reflex ONE24 XPNET Project :

Business CardProject 7 :

May 2000
to Present :

Insider Technologies Limited (ITL)

Area :

Reflex 80:20 / Reflex ONE24 Development, General NSK Development

Position :

Manager - Strategic Technical Initiatives


  Reflex ONE24 Screen Shots :


BASE24™ XPNET Monitoring in Reflex ONE24

I was tasked with writing a number of utilities to automatically detect and extract information for the XPNET components of BASE24™. The components can subsequently be displayed in the graphical screens of Status Monitor by way of drill-down object trees. All real-time monitoring is achieved using XPNET EMS events and user requests. I provided the R&D for the project as well as developed the resulting software. I present the Reflex BASE24™ solution each year at the EBUG as part of the technical tracks. Four screenshots provided below.


Reflex ONE24 Status Agent for XPNET


  XPNET Status Agent :

I designed and developed a status agent to programmatically link to the XPNET layer of BASE24™. This agent passes back detailed status, statistics and configuration information on request regarding selected XPNET components. This work was carried out in Watford and in-house.


Reflex ONE24 Tasks


  Reflex ONE24 Tasks :

Traditional XPNET tasks for stop, start, abort, suspend etc., XPNET objects have been incorporated into the Reflex ONE24 solution.


Reflex ONE24 Automatic Detection


  Reflex ONE24 Auto-Detection :

I designed and developed an XPNET automatic detection agent to link to the XPNET layer of BASE24™. This extracts the names of the lines, links, processes, stations, devices and XPNET nodes and places them into the Reflex ONE24 object database. From here, users can accept the default hierarchical object trees or build site specific trees representing their own business requirements.


Reflex ONE24 ATM Monitoring


  Reflex ONE24 ATM Matrices :

ATM matrices can be tailored using the stations in the Reflex ONE24 database. These can be organised by county, street or listed individually.

Marketing Brochure.
Overview ScreenCam.


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