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  Saturday, February 17, 2018
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  Web Site Promotion and Visibility by Design - Course Summary :

GBDirect Course :

Web Site Promotion and Visibility by Design - 
Course Tutor - Dave Fisher
May 27th 2009


Web site visibility – the ease with which potential customers or visitors can find a web site amongst a myriad of competitors – is a crucial factor in a site’s success or failure.

Web visibility is not merely a question of search engine optimisation (SEO). There is a great deal more to it than that, as this training course demonstrates.

Search engine optimization is important, given that more new web site visitors come from search engine referrals than from any other source, but the term is ambiguous, widely misunderstood and probably overrated.

Search Engine Optimisation in the Narrow Sense

As this one-day SEO training course explains, if you practice nothing but search engine optimisation in the narrow sense (i.e. designing your website to exploit the known features of search engine ranking algorithms) you will ultimately fail.

The reasons for this are obvious to anyone who has thought about search engine optimisation for more than a nanosecond:

Search engines make most money when they successfully direct users to web pages which really interest those users, i.e. search engine owners have a material interest in reducing the rank of people who exploit chinks in their algorithms, and no interest in ranking entire sites per se.

Since search engine software is constantly modified to defeat search engine optimisation, the pure-play optimizer is engaged in a constant (and quite unecessary) struggle to catch up. Their web pages typically go through cycles of leaping and plummeting in search engine rank.

Search Engine Optimization in the Wider Sense

This SEO training course employs a wider conception of search engine optimization; one premised on giving both end-users and search engine owners what they really want, i.e. web pages that provide useful information about the things they are searching for (not otherwise empty pages stuffed with keywords and phrases).

While it is obvious why adherence to this principle should ensure a high and stable Google rank over the long term (and cost significantly less than sustained advertising) the devil is in the detail.

This course explains the practicalities of how to make your pages attractive to visitors and search engines alike, e.g.

  • Highlighting common web design features which actually harm site visibility.
  • Detailing user-friendly and search engine-friendly design alternatives.
  • Outlining promotional techniques which do not involve search engine optimization, but which ultimately enhance search engine rank.
  • Explaining when and where to put keywords and phrases to make them count.
  • Exposing the myths, misconceptions and half-truths surrounding search engine optimization, distinguishing between what works, what works well, and what could never work at all.

Search Engine Optimization Training With a Track Record

This search engine optimization course is based on long experience of achieving high web visibility for our UK training courses. Our training course outlines have occupied the top few positions on major search engines since the very beginning of the commercial web (nearly a decade ago). Over that entire period we have never had to change any course outline in response to changes in search engine policy.

You can get a taste of the techniques we use and teach in this training course by reading our web visibility and search engine optimization consultancy pages.

Suitable for

  • Non-technical managers and directors wondering why their very expensive web sites get so few visitors or sales.
  • Communications, marketing and public relations (PR) specialists who want to become genuine specialists in internet marketing.
  • Web site design teams and web site developers who really want to sell themselves and their organisation.


The time spent during this web site visibility, website promotion and search engine optimisation course is divided roughly equally between understanding the perspectives required and understanding the practical steps involved in securing a high profile for your web site.

Some time is devoted to practical, hands-on exercises, but the instructional and discursive elements of the course are more prominent than they would be in more technical courses.

This is because most successful approaches to web site promotion run directly counter to received opinion on internet marketing and web design. Popular misconceptions typically have to be dismissed by hard evidence and cold logic, before students are able to successfully deploy the practical tactics and strategies we recommend.

Introduction to SEO and Web Visibility

  • What is web visibility?
  • Clear business objectives are the foundation
  • Determining good business objectives
  • Visibility is relative to that of others
  • Visibility is long-term and open-ended
  • Web visibility conscious communications
  • Market and visibility conscious techies
  • Visibility conscious authors and editors
  • Web authoring style guides
  • Feedback and the experimental method
  • Learning from others
  • Google is your friend

Comparative approaches to site promotion

  • Offline vs. online publicity
  • Search engine optimisation in its place
  • Search engines vs. directories and portals
  • Press releases
  • Content syndication
  • Virtual communities
  • Getting in-bound links to your site
  • Giving outbound links
  • Advertising your site
  • Usability as visibility

Search engine optimisation I: site design and content

  • Understanding search engine and user behaviour
  • How users formulate search engine queries
  • How and why humans link to web pages
  • Search engine income sources
  • How business models influence search engine behaviour
  • Search engine counter measures against spammers
  • How search engines gather data (crawlers, robots & spiders)
  • Preventing search engine robots from gathering useful data
  • Matching search engine queries to patterns in search engine databases
  • How search engines assess data relevance: criteria and calculations
  • How search engines assess data relevance: noise reduction
  • How search engines assess data relevance: amplifying the signal
  • How search engines assess data relevance: high and low value page locations
  • How search engines assess data relevance: links

Search engine optimisation II: external promotion

  • Search engine submission and registration
  • Directory submission and listing
  • The economics of link campaigns
  • Link acquisition tactics
  • Optimising links from other sites
  • Priorities for kudos
  • Re-using one-off events and promotions
  • Online communities



  Web Site Promotion and Visibility by Design - Course Cover :

Website Promotion and Visibility by Design Course Cover


  Web Site Promotion and Visibility by Design - Course Certificate :

Website Promotion and Visibility by Design Course Certificate


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