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  Saturday, February 24, 2018
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  A Level Project Summary :

AEB ’A’ Level Computer Science Course Project:

Leigh College, 1988

amstrad pc1512My ‘A’ Level Computing Project was developed on a Amstrad PC 1512 and was written in Turbo Pascal. The software provided a means for a local town newspaper to store, track and calculate the money payable to delivery staff based on paper round metrics. These metrics related to size of round, papers delivered and any leaflets attached to a delivery for that week.


  Log Sheet :

A Level Excerpt 1



  Test Run Example Script :

A Level Excerpt 2



  User Guide Excerpt :

A Level Excerpt 3



  User Guide Excerpt :

A Level Excerpt 4



  Hardware / Software Required :

A Level Excerpt 5



  Code Excerpt :

A Level Excerpt 6


  Existing System :

A Level Excerpt 7



  Code Analysis :

A Level Excerpt 8


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