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  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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The Expendables : 6/10


The Expendables


29 / 08 / 2010




The Trafford Centre

FILM (out of 10):



'Rambo not Expendable!', his ill fated girlfriend says in Rambo 2. Stallone is probably a little more expendable in this outing. I tend to agree with the critics, the script is a little flat and lacks heart and drama. If you're looking for a mindless, thick ear action flick, this could be for you but watch out for corny plotlines and one liners and a rather strange bit of scripting for Ivan Drago, I mean Dolph Lundgren. By the end of the movie, you'll realise that this is just a trip out for the boys (friends of Stallone) especially when you see what happens to Dolph. It just seems as though, whatever happens in the movie, all players are kept intact just in case it proves successful enough for a sequel. I actually felt as though, if Stallone would have only done half as much with the movie and hired a director and writer (co-writer), it might have been alot better. I'd rather they would have saved the money and put it to the budget for Rambo 5 to be honest. Still, one or 2 laughs were had in the office talking about it so I added a couple of points for the belly laughs on the shop floor.

 The Expendables


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