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Dec 15

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15/12/2008 11:50  RssIcon

The Day The Earth Stood Still : 6.5/10


The Day The Earth Stood Still


12 / 12 / 2008




Trafford Centre, MANCHESTER

FILM (out of 10):



A master class in 'suspending suspense' and unnecessarily rewriting a classic sci-fi film that was near perfect. We seem to be at the peril of third millennium script writers (not GORT) who want to rubbish classic sci-fi, another example being the War of the Worlds re-make. I really wanted to like this movie as the original is a beautiful example of absolute power from inference, suggestion and minimalism and an eerie soundtrack. It lacks emotion from the human players (although Connelly does her best with a lousy script and backdrop) and just takes the names of the original characters without the quality of their portrayal. It seems to me that they spent all the money on the first 20 minutes which promised so much more than the rest of the film delivered. I would buy the original on DVD and watch that instead. It amuses how a 1951 film can offer so much more about a futuristic context than a film made in 2008. They lost the plot 'literally' on this one. The scriptwriters are no better the early 'Apprentice' candidates and I am 'beginning to believe' in my own capabilities as a story teller.

 The Day The Earth Stood Still Review


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