Various photographs that I'd like to share on the Web of the EMEA BASE24 User Group (EBUG). The 2010 Annual Conference was held at the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid from 27th to 30th April.

p1030917_small.jpg p1030918_small.jpg p1030919_small.jpg p1030920_small.jpg p1030921_small.jpg
p1030922_small.jpg p1030923_small.jpg p1030924_small.jpg p1030925_small.jpg p1030926_small.jpg
p1030927_small.jpg p1030928_small.jpg p1030929_small.jpg p1030930_small.jpg p1030931_small.jpg
p1030932_small.jpg p1030933_small.jpg p1030934_small.jpg p1030935_small.jpg p1030936_small.jpg
p1030937_small.jpg p1030938_small.jpg p1030939_small.jpg p1030940_small.jpg p1030941_small.jpg
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