Various photographs that I'd like to share on the Web of the EMEA BASE24 User Group (EBUG). The 2010 Annual Conference was held at the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid from 27th to 30th April.

p1030942_small.jpg p1030943_small.jpg p1030944_small.jpg p1030945_small.jpg p1030946_small.jpg
p1030947_small.jpg p1030948_small.jpg p1030949_small.jpg p1030950_small.jpg p1030951_small.jpg
p1030952_small.jpg p1030953_small.jpg p1030954_small.jpg p1030955_small.jpg p1030956_small.jpg
p1030957_small.jpg p1030958_small.jpg p1030959_small.jpg p1030960_small.jpg p1030961_small.jpg
p1030962_small.jpg p1030963_small.jpg p1030964_small.jpg p1030965_small.jpg p1030966_small.jpg
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