Various photographs that I'd like to share on the Web of the EMEA BASE24 User Group (EBUG). The 2010 Annual Conference was held at the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid from 27th to 30th April.

p1030993_small.jpg p1030994_small.jpg p1030995_small.jpg p1030996_small.jpg p1030997_small.jpg
p1030998_small.jpg p1030999_small.jpg p1040001_small.jpg p1040002_small.jpg p1040003_small.jpg
p1040004_small.jpg p1040005_small.jpg p1040006_small.jpg p1040007_small.jpg p1040008_small.jpg
p1040009_small.jpg p1040010_small.jpg p1040011_small.jpg p1040012_small.jpg p1040013_small.jpg
p1040014_small.jpg p1040015_small.jpg p1040016_small.jpg p1040017_small.jpg p1040018_small.jpg
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